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What our passengers say about us

Find out what our local community has to say about our service!

"I am very happy about the First & Last Mile bus service and hope it can continue and flourish. At our convent we don't go out a great deal, only when necessary. So there are appointments at the surgery, the hospitals, the opticians, the dentists etc. We can take this bus and change in Eynsham to get to Oxford and Witney.

As of now we invest in a taxi to go to Hanborough Surgery but that is £14 return! I sometimes go on the Freeland Community bus and am grateful for it - but it is just to Witney, for several hours, one day a week.

We also go on holiday once in a while and I'm thrilled that the First & Last Mile opens up new possibilities - especially the connection with the rail station (£14 by taxi). I love to go to the Ashmolean and explore other things in Oxford and now it will be so much easier. I was able to meet the train bringing a friend from America then come straight to the Old Parsonage (our guest house).

I am one of the only two sisters fit enough to walk along Wroslyn Road from the convent to the top to catch the 233. But sometimes I am tired or the weather's bad. Now it will be much easier to get to Woodstock for a holiday and far more importantly to visit our sister with dementia who is moving tomorrow in the Burford Nursing Home."

What an amazing bus driver!!! my sons friend came to stay for weekend and his mum spoke to driver so knew someone was collecting from certain stop, what an absolute knight in shining armour!! so very friendly and made sure we connected after speaking to sons friends mum. sir thank you for being you and making sure he got to destinationxxxxxThank you!!!

I would like to say that the guys on the bus service are the best. I have only travelled on the bus a few times but each time has been a pleasure. They go above and beyond. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

"Great access to school and reliable bus to villages around me."

"Reliable way of leaving the village."

"Great service. Comfy bus. Convenient."

"Brilliant initiative, invaluable in connecting us to hanborough train station and the cotswolds."

"Less wear and tear on my car."

"Freedom of movement."

"Helps a lot because I do not have a car, but it would be perfect to have it on weekends."

"It gets me to my driving lessons."

"Transport to school"

"My wife and I use the service 2 - 3 times per week. It would be nice for the service to run on Saturdays. However, we find this a crucial service. Thank you!"


"The minibus is the best service and an absolute credit to the kindness of the community and got me to and from work and cut down a 2 hour journey to an hour. Always friendly service. It's an INTEGRAL part of the commute. Thank you to our volunteers."

"This bus is a great help to me when I need to visit the doctor in Woodstock. Many thanks."

"It connects me with other public transport."

"It's my lifeline. without the service I would be completely isolated, unless. I pay for expensive taxis. An absolute godsend."

"Being able to get to school."

"I can take on more work. Less stress to my day. Friendly dedicated drivers."

"So thrilled to be able use my bus pass and save fuel."

"It’s very nice to be able to go out and leave the car at home."

"It is a wonderful community service run by wonderful volunteers. Thank you to them all."

"When I use the service it means a lot as where I live is difficult to get to."

"It's essential for me!"

A wonderful service, thank you for all who are involved in making this possible, you are all amazing human beings.

This service is fantastic!! I used it yesterday it was great. We must use it or we will lose it. Thank you to everyone concerned in delivering this service.

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