About Us

Who are First and Last Mile CIC?

First And Last Mile connects people in villages in and around Eynsham to each other and to mainline bus and train connections

We are a group of highly motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds, united by our passion for improving public transport. First and Last Mile was started after a casual conversation between three individuals concerned at the number of services that had recently been lost, and the effect this was having on isolated communities. We set about looking at different ways of solving that problem by working together with existing commercial transport companies to give passengers greater connections and easier travel options.

Mission Statement:

As a community enterprise, we believe the best way forward is to adopt collaborative and co-operative relationships with other community collectives and commercial businesses with the goal of delivering viable and sustainable models of community transport.

Our Vision:

Our primary objective is to drastically improve connectivity via exemplary service provision for the many areas in Oxfordshire which do not currently have good, flexible public transport.

Our ambition is to see integration and dovetailing of transport with local and possibly Countywide infrastructure activities and services, e.g. Education (NEET and Activate Learning), Health (Improving on NHS and GP Appointment take up) and Industry (filling gaps in provision of public transport to Local Industry Parks).

We want to create a model of sustainable, affordable, and flexible community transport, which complements existing commercial services. Together we can deliver a wider, comprehensive, connective, transport service within both rural and suburban areas of Oxfordshire.

The Team

All those involved in First and Last Mile are working on a voluntary basis. We currently have three people on our board of directors:

Andy Swarbrick

– Director
Andy has working in the IT industry for most of his career working across Europe and the USA. He has also run various startup companies. Customers have included Thames Water, ICI and Boots. In latter years he has worked for Parcelforce both delivering and in the depot.

David Miles

– Director
David has been the Witney Parish Transport Representative for over 30 years, which has meant developing a wide knowledge of local bus services and their passengers. He has volunteered at West Oxfordshire Community Transport since 2017 and is a former Director of OXNAV and has gained experience of different types of community transport. He has also been a Team Leader in charge of up to 40 exam markers and reorganised aspects of mail deliveries in Oxford.

Emily Lewis-Edwards

– Director

Emily is joint CEO of Community First Oxfordshire (CFO) www.communityfirstoxon.org CFO is a community development charity which helps communities and individuals to identify issues that affect them, and find their own solutions.

Emily has worked with total and urban communities for several years, supporting the County’s community transport sector to thrive. She leads on placemaking projects in new developments at Heyford Park and Graven Hill. Emily has a PG Cert in Transport planning.

In addition to our directors, there is a dedicated team of local residents, including a school administrator, current and former schoolteachers, a ceramicist, an internet entrepreneur, and two former scientists, who have helped in the setting up of the organisation.

Our team has room to grow as we move into the operational phase, and we would love to have you join us!

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact us. We are always looking to expand our pool of diverse and friendly volunteer drivers.

A range of shifts is available to volunteers, and we will be flexible and accommodating when agreeing hours. Each shift will be assigned two or more individuals who will share the driving, to ensure coverage of holidays and other absences. In addition, a team of “floating” drivers will be available to cover unforeseen circumstances. All drivers will need a valid “D1” licence – this was standard for those who gained their driver’s licence before January 1st 1997. Volunteers will be provided with full training and familiarised with the route before driving commences.

For more details see our volunteer page

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