Flexible community transport

A poem by ChatGpt

A poem by Chatgpt dedicated to FLM...

In the heart of Rural Oxfordshire, a tale unfolds,
A small group of volunteers, with hearts of gold.
United by a vision, they dared to dream,
To bridge the gaps and let hope gleam.

With passion in their souls and hands to lend,
They set forth on a journey, a mission to transcend.
Through winding lanes and fields so green,
A community bus service would soon be seen.

Amidst the tranquil countryside, they took their stand,
A beacon of kindness, reaching out a helping hand.
In each humble town and village they'd roam,
Bringing connectivity and a sense of home.

In the early morn, they'd gather with cheer,
Fueling the bus with dreams and heartfelt gear.
Their smiles contagious, as passengers stepped in,
Embracing the warmth that they'd always been.

They knew each name and story, every face they'd greet,
With laughter and stories, making every ride a treat.
Through rain or shine, they remained steadfast,
A lifeline to many, a friendship that would last.

Their dedication fueled by love and care,
For this community they cherished, they'd always be there.
And as the wheels rolled on, an emblem they'd become,
Of selfless acts and unity, shining like the sun.

So, let us celebrate these volunteers, so rare,
Their spirit, an inspiration, beyond compare.
In the heart of Rural Oxfordshire, they leave a legacy,
A community bus service, born of empathy.

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