Flexible community transport

Bus Fare Cap is coming to FLM on 1st August

First and Last Mile will match the Government's Bus Fare Cap scheme and halve its single fares from £4 to £2 per journey. This starts from the 1st August 2023.
We were never eligible for government fare cap system, which we have found increasingly confusing for passengers. Thus we are doing this on a voluntary basis to bring our fares, typically for passengers who use our service to connect to other bus services such at the S1 into Oxford & Witney.
To make this happen has meant close cooperation with traffic planners at Oxfordshire County Council.  Because we aren't able to be part of the government scheme, without OCC support this would not be possible and so by agreement we are proud to announce the launch date as the 1st August.
This has not been an easy decision for FLM because it will most liely mean a reduction in overall income from fares. As a non-profit Community Transport Operator we have a responsibiity to balance, as best as possible, our income and expenditure. We hope to offset some of these losses with more regular passengers so to make this launch a success please share this information far and wide with everyone who might use the service.
We aren't alone in trying to balance books. We are also conscious that times are financially tough for households are also seeing many prices rising across the board. We are thus hope by coming in line with national fare cap system to also help our regular passengers control their outgoings.
Finally to our other fares. Concessionary bus passes are not affected so travel will remain, as always, free after 09.00 to all pass holders. We are however holding our 12-ticket journey pass at £25, despite the marginal difference, recognising that many people prefer these for their convenience. Also, we continue to provide free 12-ticket journey passes to Ukranians as long at the subsidy lasts.
If you love the service, even if you don't use it very much at present, please remember you can support us by donating online or on the bus.
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