Flexible community transport

A precept for FLM?

Whilst at Northmoor Market last Saturday various people suggested that this service should be supported out of taxes and that if people paid something on their tax bill then such a service would be secure. We are not secure whilst we live on donations and grants. The reason FLM exists is because the previous services 11 & 18 (after which the 411 and 418 servces are named) were cut as being "unprofitable".   We will never be profitable, by definition. Firstly because we are set up as a Community Interest Company are obliged to put every penny back into the service to help it run smoothly. Secondly because the villages we support are intensley rural. Northmoor, Bablock Hythe, Church Hanborough are all backwaters where people live and if you don't have easy access to a car then you can feel very isolated. This isolation has particularly taken its toll during the Covid pandemic,  We also won't make a profit because, by definition, if our service became profitable a larger transport company could bid to take over the service. We operate a very cost-effective service that is volunteer led. We have a wide range of volunteers that help run the service. However running a scheduled service day in, day out cannot be done with volunteers. So we pay our regular drivers.

If you want to support FLM financially you can make a regular donation, whatever the size.

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