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Walking to the Devils Quoits

IMG FLM DevilsQuoits

One idea for a walk is to get FLM's 418 service to Stanton Harcourt whence you can walk to the Devil's Quoits.  This is a stone circle near the gravel pits of the village.  There are three stops where you can pick up or get dropped off the 418 bus service that are good to get to Quoits. Possibly the easiest access point is from our stop on Halifax Way in Stanton Harcourt. There's a bench to sit down on an then a pathway that takes you to or from the Quoits.  Alternatively, though not as pretty you can walk from Blackditch past the Dix Pits recycling centre. Thirdly when the bus comes North from Standlake there is possible access from the main road.

If you do use our bus service to go to the Quoits please let the driver know that's where you are going, and if you especially if you are returning on a later bus let the driver know when that is likely to be.

IMG FLM DevilsQuoits Walk

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